The Angel Cat Organization

The Angel Cat Organization is a registered, non-profit organization that works to help homeless cats.
We started operating in September 2011. 

We work in the Gothenburg area, in which we take in cats and is also where our foster homes are located.
The cats we take in, we place in foster homes, until the time comes to find permanent homes for them.

Our business is based on voluntary labor, that is; no one has paid to help the homeless cats. We therefore rely on your help to pay for vaccinations, neutering, veterinary expenses, etc.

You can help us by becoming a member or making a donation.
All gifts will go to the veterinary costs, medicine, and in some cases, special food for sick cats.


The association's account:
Bankgiro 297-6256
We also have a donate button at the bottom right of the page, that links to the association's PayPal account. 

The Board

Contact the assicoation: